Give Love ,Get Love.

Few people come out and say mental illness is apart of their lives. Maybe because it’s got a stigma attached to it. One that says,” Watch out for them they might start rolling on the ground and spewing obscenities at you.” Or maybe it’s because mental illness is associated with “crazy” and “crazy” means you […]

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Food Feels Good

I don’t like to take pics of my food or even really talk about what I eat. However, I am happy to see what culinary creations are lingering in the minds of my friends and followers.  But when it comes to me,its extremely personal for me to tell you about my secret nocturnal cravings for […]

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Superheros and the Tiger’s Eye

350 Million. $350 Million will buy you a custom built yacht with a helipad. 350 million as a power of 10 looks like this : 350×106 350 million bottles of wine are sold every year. 350 Million written as a number looks like this: 350,000,000. 350,000,000 people in this world suffer from depression. As of […]

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The Correlation

I think the correlation between buying things and feeling better after a shitty life situation is unbelievable perceived as a truth. For some reason walking into a store and buying something new has an uncanny way of making you feel better about your day or situation. It would explain why checking your bank account can […]

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Hopefully Today

Sleeping in the back seat of a Ford F-350 sounds like a country song they may have played on a radio station in Texas, where I am from. Nonetheless,  for the past 1 month it has been my life, and was my husbands’ on and off for a year. Now, I am with him so […]

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I lived inside a bubble. It was 5 foot tall and roughly 48 inches in circumference. It was scary in the bubble. I lived there and I didn’t even know what to expect. All weather and circumstance was created by me, for me , and starred me. It was the most narcissistic bubble known to […]

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